About Us

A Committed Team

“We formed BenefitsDNA  knowing that employers and their members deserved more for less. Our practice is different because we are different.”

Founded in 2014 to share knowledge, BenefitsDNA believes that transparency and aligned incentives lead to better outcomes for all and an efficient benefits plan is built from the inside out, unique to every group.

  • Over 100 years combined experience consisting of talented healthcare professionals, actuaries, HR directors, project managers and account managers who use meaningful data combined with insight and intuition to interpret and reflect a company’s true voice.

  • Innovator(s) in Health/Welfare Benefits, Driving Systemic Change in the US Healthcare System.
    Founded in 2014; encompassing an industry leading board of advisory experts.

  • Founded in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, serving clients nationally.

  • Clients include: Employers, Captives, Consultants, Brokers, Unions and TPA’s.

  • We are a data driven company focusing on driving proven solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to create a less confusing experience, resulting in a clearly defined multi-year benefits strategy that accomplishes your objectives.

Our Company

We have found that big consulting firms take a cookie-cutter approach to advising companies. Our backgrounds include big consulting firm knowledge, but we have also found that the right approach to advising needs to be anything but cookie-cutter.

We will keep you from feeling lost.
We will answer your calls.
We will bring you global knowledge with a local feel.

The US healthcare system and insurance benefits industry has thrived and profited off intentional opaqueness for decades. Our organization has deconstructed every aspect of employee benefits uncovering substantial opportunities for all stakeholders. We are built on a foundation of communication, transparency, and integrity, delivering quality and lower costs with appropriately aligned incentives. Our success lies in our ability to align all aspects of a solution to provide a single, compelling story so that a company’s promise to their employers or members is delivered day in and day out. These principals deliver a unique and winning combination.

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