Fiduciary Checklist

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of group health plan management with our comprehensive guide to fiduciary readiness. Our expertly curated checklist, “Best Practices: Five Things Group Health Plans Must Already be Doing to be in Compliance with their Fiduciary Obligations,” is your roadmap to navigating the complex requirements with confidence.

Are you ready to:

  1. Ensure Transparency? Remove gag clauses and complete your attestation to unlock the full potential of cost & quality care information for your participants.

  2. Fulfill ERISA Obligations? Receive and assess all necessary service provider compensation disclosures to maintain the integrity and reasonableness of your contracts.

  3. Uphold Mental Health Parity? Conduct thorough MHPAEA NQTL Comparative Analyses to guarantee fair treatment for all beneficiaries, avoiding hefty penalties and promoting holistic care.

  4. Navigate Prescription Data Complexity? Efficiently gather and report crucial prescription drug data to CMS, leveraging it to optimize your plan’s performance and cost-effectiveness.

  5. Master Disclosures and Tools? From machine-readable files to balance billing protections, ensure your plan’s disclosures are precise, up-to-date, and fully compliant.

Don’t wait! The time to act is now, with critical deadlines approaching and your plan’s reputation and financial health at stake.

Take the lead in fulfilling your fiduciary duties with our essential checklist. Protect your beneficiaries, stay compliant, and set your plan apart as a beacon of responsibility.

Fiduciary Checklist


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