Our Mission

We have noticed plan design shortcomings and a lack of claim coordination leads to increased employer liability. Our team takes the time to get to know our client’s workforce to provide innovative solutions offering practical coverage.

60 Million

Americans lack access to affordable, quality healthcare

1 in 2

Adults admit they have delayed or avoided medical care due to finances

7 out of 10

Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

1 in 3

Workers report their health worsened as a result of care


Insurance premiums have grown by 284% while workers wages have fallen behind inflation

We Fix Your Healthcare™

BenefitsDNA provides employers, plan sponsors, and Taft-Hartley funds with Healthcare and benefits advisory services. We broker insurance plans on behalf of our clients, striving for fee-based arrangements to align our incentives with our clients’ success. Collectively, our team investigates and understands the US Healthcare marketplace educating plan sponsors on their options with the ultimate goal of decreasing costs and/or enhancing coverage. Day-to-day, BenefitsDNA advocates for clients and their members ensuring they have the resources to use their benefits as they are intended without suffering undue costs or lower-quality care. Our goal every day is to get one step closer to an improved healthcare system where those who need it can afford it and will live better lives because of it.

Putting it together

Our Clients

BenefitsDNA advises large group plan sponsors across all industries. We understand that each plan has a unique DNA with differing needs, budgets, demographics, and benefits. Our clients are in fully insured, level-funded, captive and self-funded arrangements depending on their size, risk appetite, and other pertinent factors. There is no one-size-fits-all in healthcare and every BenefitsDNA client receives individualized attention.

Compliance Audit

Implications of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA)

  • Gag Clause Prohibition Compliance Attestation (GCPCA)
  • CMS Prescription Drug Reporting Submissions (RxDC)
  • Direct, Indirect, Non-Monetary Compensation Disclosure of Covered Service Providers
  • MHPAEA Attestation

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

  • Plan Document, SPD, Section 125, Wrap Documents
  • 5500 Filings
  • 1095/1094 Reporting
  • PCORI Fee
  • And More

Covered Service Providers

Our Process

BenefitsDNA’s goal is to provide innovative, impactful solutions for plan sponsors with respect to their healthcare and health insurance costs. It would be pompous to think we could do that without getting to know the people that drive our clients’ businesses to understand their specific healthcare needs. We engage active decision-makers to comprehend your past, present, and what you’d like the future to hold. This information in conjunction with the data we request grants BenefitsDNA the ability to paint that future as well as educate on the necessary steps to achieve that vision. We succeed when our clients succeed.

Actuarial Reporting & Analysis

Actuaries on staff provide our clients with an array of services

IBNR Reports

ASC 965 Valuations

Insurance Capitation Studies

Part D Attestations

MHPAEA Analysis

SBC Due Diligence

COBRA Rate Development

Provider Network Analysis

Plan Design Analysis

Don’t take it from us, this is what our clients are saying:

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