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Our mission is to change the current dynamic of healthcare and benefits delivery. BenefitsDNA knows that every client is unique and deserves leading edge solutions combined with honest advice in the absence of conflict.  We believe that the current system is broken, and we believe transparency leads to lower costs for everyone. We work with Plan-Sponsors, Taft-Hartley Funds, Government Entities, Insurers, Vendors, and Consultants providing superior advice and expert validation. We partner with all who are philosophically aligned.

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Get To Know Us


We are a high-end employee benefits advisory, brokerage and consulting firm.


BenefitsDNA takes pride in serving our clients to better their employees’ lives.


Over 100 years combined experience consisting of talented healthcare professionals, actuaries, human resource professionals, project managers and account managers.


Employers, Plan Sponsors, Captives, Consultants, Brokers, Taft-Hartley Funds, and Vendors.


Founded in Pennsylvania, serving clients nationally.


Innovators in Health & Welfare Benefits, Driving Systemic Change in the US Healthcare System.


Redefining Innovation

As industry thought leaders, we are driving positive change. Removing opacity and middlemen from healthcare equips clients with the line of sight to make impactful decisions.

Data = Results

Data is key and plan sponsors now have the right to access the numbers that could unlock a new future. Actuaries on staff provide enhanced insight, analytics, and decision-making capabilities

Philosophically Aligned

Simply having access to resources is a game changer. We take the opportunity to educate our clients and their members whenever possible and advocate on their behalf.

Advocacy & Education

Real value exists in educating and advocating for our clients and their members.

We are BenefitsDNA

And We Fix Your Healthcare™

What makes us different?

BenefitsDNA was started by mid-career employee benefits consultants with a passion for serving clients and providing advice in the absence of conflict. We are familiar with “the big firms” everyone knows by name and decided their method does not work

We don’t just get results,
we demand it.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your benefit plans deliver tremendous value while exceeding customer service expectations. BenefitsDNA works with employers looking to effectuate positive change for their people, understanding it is not always a simple path.

How do we design plans that control costs and meet employee needs?

The healthcare system is plagued with cookie-cutter solutions and misaligned incentives. We have abandoned the norm, focusing on delivering unique solutions for every client. Our clients’ people are our people.

We focus on your future.

We built this firm on the premise that our customers are our family. We engage clients with a long-term vision, pushing them to go outside the box by implementing strategies that actually benefit their employees. Our clients are our livelihood and they deserve the best year after year.


What Clients Are Saying

“As an executive, I wear a lot of hats and do not always have the time to be the expert on constantly evolving regulations and options to best meet the needs of our hard-working team. BenefitsDNA is very patient, accessible and took the time to personally explain everything in ways that were easy for us to understand. The results, and the cost savings, were huge.”

Amy Zentz

Michael Thompson
“Working with BenefitsDNA has been a completely different experience. They’ve gone above and beyond to get into the details, numbers behind health claims, and a deeper look into all of the numbers behind our plans. The’ve got a great team with a very broad knowledge of the healthcare industry and have been a great partner in running our health funds. ”

Michael Thompson

Maria Ortiz
“Being able to not only have a broker that understands our plan, but also understands the human need as well and being able to find a balance between those two. They also recognize that this can be confusing for employees and BenefitsDNA is able to come to an even-level and communicate in a way that’s encouraging to the employee. ”

Maria Ortiz

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