Why should you consider self-funding your dental plan?

Why should you consider self-funding your dental plan?

As an employer why should I consider a self-funded dental plan?

Self-funding your dental plan can offer several benefits for employers, including:

  • Cost savings: Self-funded dental plans can provide cost savings for employers because they are only paying for the dental services used by their employees. In a fully insured plan, premiums are set to cover expected costs plus profit margins for the insurer, which can result in higher costs for employers.
  • Greater flexibility: Employers who self-fund their dental plan have greater flexibility in designing the plan to meet the specific needs of their employees. They can customize plan designs, determine coverage levels, and manage the plan based on their own budget and resources.
  • Control: Employers who self-fund their dental plan have greater control over the plan’s administration, including claims processing, provider networks, and utilization management. This can result in greater efficiencies, improved member satisfaction, and better outcomes.
  • Access to data: Employers who self-fund their dental plan have access to detailed claims data, which can be used to identify trends, manage costs, and make informed decisions about the plan’s design and management.
  • Stop-loss protection: Self-funding dental plans can also offer the option of stop-loss protection, which limits the employer’s financial risk if claims exceed a certain amount.

It is important to note that self-funding a dental plan also involves financial risks, as the employer is responsible for paying for all claims made by employees. However, with careful planning and management, self-funding can be a cost-effective way for employers to offer dental coverage to their employees. Consulting with legal, financial, and benefits professionals can help ensure that self-funding is the right option for your organization and that you are implementing the plan in a compliant and effective way.  If you want to learn more, please contact us to talk with our team about how a self-funded dental plan might be right for you.

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